What are S points?

1.Points can be used as cash or a discount on orders. Customers can earn points through various activities such as purchasing items, posting reviews, and giving feedback.
2.Points have a validity period corresponding to the way in which they are earned. For details, please go to "Personal Center > My Points".
3.G points rules do not apply to all Gearbest stores, such as third-party stores.
4.All points must be obtained in accordance with the rules and Customer Conduct Code of our Terms & Conditions. Violators will have their points reset to zero and/or their account suspended.

How to Get Points?

  • 5

    - Submit Order Feedback
  • 50

    - First time you subscribe to Newsletter
    - Post Reviews with Videos for purchase items
  • 10

    - Register to be a member of Gearbest
    - Post Text Reviews for purchased items
  • 70

    Post Reviews with Photos and Videos for purchased items
  • 20

    - First time you upload your Profile Picture in "My Account"
    - Post Reviews with Photos for purchased items
  • 50

    Recommended videos on our video community
    Posted one of first 5 reviews bonus
  • ≥ Number of Points:The Cost of Products
    ≤ 10 Points:Post review for product costing under $1
    ≤ 50 Points:Post review for product costing under $5
    ≤ 100 Points:Post review for product costing under $10


1. When a customer requests a refund, the points earned from the corresponding order will be deducted from the account. Points can be deducted to a negative value. In this case, future points earned will offset the negative value first until the customer has a positive number of points.
Note: If the customer chooses to receive the refund to "My Gearbest Wallet", the points earned by the order will be given to the customer. However, if the customer withdraws cash from "My Gearbest Wallet", the points will be deducted.
If the customer receives the refund to another account, the points earned by the order will be deducted.
2. Points will be added if you submit a review within one month of confirming receipt of the order in your account.
3. Each time you earn Gearbest points, there is a corresponding validity period. Points received through purchases are valid for 180 days; other types of points are valid for 30-90 days (depending on the situation). You can check the validity period in "My Points".
4. Points can be earned from website activities, such as monthly promotions, holiday promotions, activity sharing, etc. The quantities and the validity periods of these points are subject to the specific activity. You can check the validity period of the points by going to "Personal Center > My Points".
5. The points issued are based on the status of the generated order and the actual payment amount of the product.
6. You will earn G points once all products of the order are shipped. For example, if you purchase multiple items in an order, points will not be issued when only some of the products are shipped. Points will be issued for the entire order only after all items have been shipped.

How to Use Points?

1. You need to have at least 50 points before you can use them to receive a discount (a minimum of 1 point can be used on purchases)
2. 50 points = $1.00.
3. Points cannot be used together with coupons, email exclusive prices, app exclusive prices, flash sales, super deals, clearance prices and other discounts.
4. You can use 2,500 points in maximum to receive the discount of $50, but the actual discount you gain could not exceed 30 % of an order's price.
5. Points cannot be used with third-party stores.

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Gearbest.com reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions at any time.